iOS 16 Compatibility: Does AltStore Work?

AltStore enthusiasts, rejoice! The burning question on everyone’s mind – does AltStore work on iOS 16? The answer is a resounding yes. Dive into the details of AltStore’s compatibility and explore what lies beyond.

AltStore 1.7: A Gateway to iOS 16

AltStore version 1.7 emerges as the beacon of compatibility, extending its support from iOS 14.0 to 16.1.2, with a small exception—iOS 15.7.2 is temporarily left out. Users can revel in the seamless experience AltStore provides within this expansive range.

Navigating the Compatibility Landscape

Let’s break it down further:

iOS 14.0 – 16.1.2 (Excluding iOS 15.7.2)AltStore Compatibility: Yes
iOS 16.2 or LaterAltStore Compatibility: No

The Crossroads: Updating to iOS 16.2 or Later

For those dwelling in the realm of iOS 16.1.2 or earlier, AltStore stands as a trusty companion, allowing the smooth sideloading of apps. But beware, if you decide to journey into iOS 16.2 or later territory, AltStore won’t be by your side for sideloading adventures.

Alternatives Beyond the Compatibility Limits

Fear not, intrepid iOS users! When AltStore steps back, alternatives step up. Consider these options for sideloading apps on iOS 16.2 or later:

AppApp FeatureApp Link
AppDBAppDB, a website treasure trove, welcomes you to download and install IPA files for apps eluding the App Store’s grasp.
SideloadlyMeet Sideloadly, the desktop application wizard, that empowers you to effortlessly install IPA files on your iOS device.
Cydia ImpactorCydia Impactor, another desktop marvel, opens the door to IPA file installations on your iOS device.

Navigating the Sideloading Challenge

Buckle up, for sideloading on iOS 16.2 or later may pose more hurdles. Apple’s tightening grip on newer iOS versions makes this process a bit trickier than the smoother path experienced on iOS 14.0 to 16.1.2.

A Parting Note on AltStore

AltStore, a free and open-source beacon in the sideloading realm, remains uncharted territory for Apple. Unofficial but reliable, it thrives on the community’s support.


Unlock the full potential of your iOS experience, armed with the knowledge of AltStore’s compatibility nuances. Sideloading, once a straightforward path, now demands resilience and alternatives in the ever-evolving iOS landscape.

I trust this guide illuminates your path in the world of AltStore and iOS compatibility. Happy sideloading!


Does iOS 16 support AltStore?

No, AltStore is not compatible with iOS 16.2 or later. This is because Apple has implemented new security measures in iOS 16.2 that prevent AltStore from working.

What iOS version does AltStore support?

AltStore 1.7 is compatible with iOS 14.0 to 16.1.2 (excluding iOS 15.7.2). This means that AltStore can be used to sideload apps on these versions of iOS. However, it is important to note that AltStore is not officially supported by Apple and may not work with future versions of iOS.

Does AltStore work on any iOS?

Yes, AltStore works on iOS 14.0 to 16.1.2. However, it is important to note that AltStore is not compatible with all iOS devices. For example, AltStore does not work on the first-generation iPhone or iPad.

Does AltStore work on iOS 17?

No, AltStore is not compatible with iOS 17. This is because iOS 17 is still in development and Apple has not yet released a version of AltStore that is compatible with iOS 17.

Will iOS 17 allow sideloading?

It is unclear whether iOS 17 will allow sideloading. Apple has not made any announcements about sideloading for iOS 17. However, some people believe that Apple may allow sideloading in iOS 17, as this would give users more flexibility to install apps on their devices.

Is AltStore a jailbreak?

No, AltStore is not a jailbreak. A jailbreak is a process that allows users to remove the restrictions that Apple places on iOS devices. AltStore does not remove these restrictions, but it does allow users to sideload apps on their devices.

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