How to Remove Shortcut Banners in iOS 16: A Step-by-Step Guide

iOS 16 brings a plethora of features to enhance user experience, and one standout tool is the Shortcuts app. While this app allows for incredible customization, the default behavior of displaying notification banners upon triggering certain Automations might not be everyone’s cup of tea. In this detailed guide, we’ll explore multiple methods to disable shortcut banners on iOS 16, ensuring a seamless and interruption-free user experience.

Method 1: Turning Off Notify When Run (iOS 16.0 and Later)

Open the Shortcuts App

  • Begin by launching the Shortcuts app on your iOS 16 device.

Navigate to the Automations Tab

  • Tap the clock icon located at the bottom center of the Shortcuts screen to access the Automations menu.

Select an Automation

  • Choose the specific automation that triggers unwanted notification banners.

Toggle off Notify When Run

  • At the bottom of the Edit Automation menu, find the “Notify When Run” option.
  • Toggle off the switch to disable notification banners for that automation.

Repeat for Each Automation

  • Unfortunately, this step needs to be repeated for each automation individually.

Disable notifications for specific apps using Apple’s support guide.

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Method 2: Enabling Automations to Run Without Asking

Access the Shortcuts app on the App Store

Open the Shortcuts App

  • Launch the Shortcuts app to begin the customization process.

Access the Automations Tab

  • Tap the clock icon at the bottom center of the screen to navigate to the Automations tab.

Choose the Automation

  • Select the automation you wish to run automatically without asking for permission.

Toggle off Ask Before Running

  • Locate the “Ask Before Running” option at the bottom of the automation screen.
  • Toggle off the switch to prevent permission requests.

Confirm Your Choice

  • A dialog box will appear; tap “Don’t Ask” to confirm your preference.

Repeat for Each Automation

  • This process needs to be repeated for each automation you want to run without seeking permission.

Method 3: Disabling Banners for Custom Apps (iOS 16.0-16.2)

Open the Shortcuts App

  • For users running iOS 16.0-16.2, launch the Shortcuts app.

Tap + to Create a New Shortcut Action

  • Add a “Show Notification” action to your shortcuts by tapping the ‘+’ button.

Search for “Show Notification” and Select the Result

  • In the All Shortcuts menu, search for “Show Notification” and select the result.

Configure Show Notification Action

  • Open a shortcut, tap the ••• button, search for “Run Shortcut,” and add it.
  • Tap the Run Shortcut action, select Show Notification, and drag it above the Open App action.

Trigger Notifications to Enable Permission Settings

  • Tap a custom app icon to trigger notifications and set up permission through the iPhone Settings app.

Adjust Screen Time Settings

  • Open iPhone Settings, go to Screen Time and turn off notifications for Shortcuts.

Tips for iOS 16 Users

  • Be aware that workarounds may not work in iOS 16.3 and later updates.
  • These solutions might not be applicable to iOS 14 and earlier versions. Consider updating your iOS for the best experience.


By following these comprehensive methods, you can take full control of the Shortcuts app on iOS 16 and enjoy a customized experience without the hassle of constant notification banners. Whether you’re fine-tuning specific automations or globally adjusting settings, mastering these techniques will make your iOS 16 experience smoother and more tailored to your preferences.

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